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When you are struggling to have a baby you can feel frustrated, helpless, anxious, depressed and stressed out. You may have turned to other doctors or practitioners for help in the past only to be disappointed when your fertility issues are not resolved. You have lost control over your health!

We help you find solutions

If you are like most of our patients you are feeling very frustrated in your fertility journey and looking for a comprehensive treatment plan. You want to get to the root of cause of your fertility challenges and take control of your life.

With over 25 years of experience working right here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have helped thousands of women get pregnant and have babies.

With an influx of acupuncturists who identify themselves as fertility experts or specialists it can be difficult finding the right practitioner. Our clients have said that our extensive experience with fertility is the main reason they chose to work with us! Our experience and knowledge regarding fertility has proven an incredibly valuable asset to them. 

We use the best of both natural and high tech medicine to help you live a healthier life!

Fertility and a healthy pregnancy starts with you and your health.

We provide comprehensive care that bridges Eastern and Western medicine, utilizing acupuncture, laboratory diagnostics, and nutritional support that includes food, vitamins/supplements, and herbs when appropriate.

Our mission is to provide exceptional integrated health care in the modern world, personally designed to meet your specific needs. 

We are never too busy to help, please contact our office.

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Why Choose The Oldershaw Clinic?

  • We have over 25 years of experience as fertility experts in the Bay Area.

  • Our expertise in both Eastern and Western medicine offers you a comprehensive and integrated approach to your health care.

  • You will receive an individualized plan that maps out the healthiest way possible for you to reach your health goals.

  • With convenient email support from both front desk and clinicians, your questions are answered quickly.

  • You’ll be given care that nurtures and rejuvenates you, reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

  • Integrative Medicine: In addition to acupuncture, we make use of thorough laboratory diagnostics, comprehensive nutritional analysis/advice, and stress management.

  • You will benefit from education, information, and guidance at every step of the way, answering your questions and providing support so you can make informed decisions about your health.

  • There are many paths to family building for same-sex couples, we can help you explore your options and guide you through the journey.

  • Our extended hours include evenings and weekends to fit your busy schedule!

  • It takes a village, let us be part of your team. Our knowledge and experience will be a great resource for you.

  • We are well connected in the Bay Area healthcare community, and will share resources, referrals, and offer guidance for the best way to proceed. We follow through to make sure you are getting the best possible care.

  • All of our clinicians at The Oldershaw Clinic are experts in the field of women’s health and fertility, and are board certified by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine or ABORM.

Leslie Oldershaw L.Ac, FABORM

Leslie Oldershaw Piedmont Acupuncturist

Leslie Oldershaw L.Ac, FABORM is a California licensed acupuncturist, providing comprehensive care integrating Eastern and Western medicine to best serve the needs of her patients. Over the last 25 years, Leslie has cultivated expertise in a wide range of women’s health issues including: fertility, thyroid dysfunction, digestive health, autoimmune diseases, and pain management.  She established The Oldershaw Clinic in 1995.

Nicole Gonzales L.Ac, FABORM

Nicole Gonzales Piedmont Acupuncturist

Nicole Gonzales L.Ac, FABORM is a California licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, having graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, CA. Her medical training includes rotations in integrative gynecology and neurology at major hospitals and private clinics in both the U.S. and China. Nicole joined The Oldershaw Clinic in 2011.

Autumn Ross L.Ac, FABORM

Autumn Ross Acupuncturist East Bay

Autumn Ross L.Ac, FABORM is a California licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, with a primary focus on fertility, chronic pain, and digestive disorders. She is passionate about working with each of her patients to develop an accessible and individualized path to wellness.  As a queer woman with Mexican heritage, Autumn has extensive experience working with non-traditional families, monolingual Spanish speakers, and members of the LGTBQI communities. Autumn joined The Oldershaw Clinic in 2017.

What Our Patients Say

Leslie is such a gifted healer. Every time I am able to pinpoint my ailments, I leave there as if healed by magic. She knows her craft, the body, and how to approach each situation clearly and concisely.

After my first session with Nicole I felt empowered, supported and optimistic. I really trusted her, appreciated her light-hearted personality and could just tell that she really knew her stuff. Looking forward to the healing journey ahead under their care.

Leslie Oldershaw is one of the most skilled and well-informed acupuncturists I’ve ever met and this is saying a lot, since I am myself an acupuncturist. Her success in supporting women as they work through infertility and endocrinology challenges is at the top of the field.

I am so grateful that I found Leslie Oldershaw! She has helped me so much both pre pregnancy and during my pregnancy. I can ask her anything and she always gives me knowledgeable thoughtful answers with a sense of humor. I always leave her office feeling calm and relaxed and looking forward to my next session.