Board Certified

All of our clinicians at The Oldershaw Clinic are board certified as fertility specialists by the Acupuncture Board of Reproductive Medicine or ABORM.


In order to become board certified as a fertility specialist one must have successfully completed:

  • Advanced education and training in reproductive medicine
  • A minimum of 2 years spent in the clinical practice of fertility acupuncture
  • A day-long board exam

You can learn more about ABORM on the website:

Why choose a Certified Fertility Acupuncturist?

By choosing to work with a certified Fellow of the Acupuncture Board of Reproductive Medicine (FABORM), you can rest assured your practitioner is well qualified and experienced in reproductive medicine.

What differentiates an ABORM certified reproductive acupuncturist from a general acupuncturist?

Advanced training in western and eastern reproductive medicine

Seeing a general acupuncturist for infertility care is like getting IVF from a family medical doctor. Specialty training ensures better patient care and results.

ABORM certified reproductive acupuncturists are trained in both eastern and western reproductive medicine. Our training in biomedicine includes reproductive anatomy, physiology, pathology and differential diagnosis as well as ART (Assisted Reproductive Therapy) procedures and medications, recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy.

We work collaboratively with MDs to ensure patients receive the best care possible

We all have the same goal: to help you conceive and have healthy babies.  ABORM certified acupuncturists have a wealth of knowledge in both Chinese medicine and allopathic medicine including assisted reproductive technologies.  We can guide you in understanding your lab work, diagnosis,  treatment options, and work closely with your other fertility specialists to ensure that you get the very best care.

How do we help patients?

  • Improved pregnancy outcomes
  • Reduced stress
  • Comprehensive treatment plans including acupuncture, vitamins and supplements, nutritional counseling, specialized testing and more
  • Evidence-based care informed by the latest research and best clinical practices
  • Personalized care and support every step of the way