Bonnie Burgess, NC

Holistic Functional Nutritionist

Bonnie Burgess is a certified nutrition consultant who specializes in women’s health, with particular emphasis on fertility, PCOS, hypothalamic amenorrhea, perimenopause and thyroid dysfunction. She provides guidance on personalized nutrition, lifestyle modifications and nutrient supplementation to address the root cause of troubling symptoms. Using a gentle, non-judgmental approach, Bonnie’s recommendations are aligned with the care of your acupuncturist and are paced for sustainable change.

Bonnie works closely with Leslie, Nicole and Autumn and is very familiar with the philosophy and treatment plans at The Oldershaw Clinic. She worked on staff as the office admin while she was in nutrition school at Bauman College. Bonnie received her B.S. from Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Currently, Bonnie supports our patients independently through her virtual nutrition consultancy at Burgess Wellness. To work with Bonnie or to schedule a free consultation, please contact her directly.

Bonnie is dedicated to studying the emerging research in the field of nutrition and women’s health. When she’s not nose-deep in a book, Bonnie can be found trail running and hiking around the Bay Area, experimenting in the kitchen or dreaming up her next travel adventure.