Fertility Testimonials

Autumn and everyone else at the clinic are just wonderful! So loving and reassuring and helpful with any and every need. If you are looking for an incredibly knowledgeable and calming support team, look no further than the Oldershaw clinic.

I love Leslie and her practice. I personally loved seeing Nicole Gonzales. Nicole is extremely knowledgeable in both Eastern and Western medicines. She helped me manage my expectations through fertility treatment by sharing knowledge and resources. We even brought my husband in for some education which was so kind and so helpful for him/us. She has an enormous amount of empathy, which always felt authentic. I laughed with Nicole a lot which left me feeling as amazing as the acupuncture.

I have nothing but positive things to say about The Oldershaw Clinic. The services I received were top-notch. Autumn is fantastic! What stood out to me the most is the support offered. The 1-on-1 conversations helped me get through a difficult time. I am so grateful to the staff, especially Autumn.

I have been coming here for about a year. I’ve been treated by Leslie, Nicole, and Autumn, and they are all amazingly knowledgeable and skilled. They all make you feel very comfortable and at ease, and each visit includes ample time to discuss treatment, concerns, or anything else without ever feeling rushed. Highly recommend this clinic!

I highly recommend Leslie and The Oldershaw Clinic. I came to Leslie after I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year. I had spoken with Western doctors and worked with another acupuncturist. Nothing was changing. I wanted to bring in “The Big Guns” – serious, deep guidance for our best chance at starting a family. I didn’t have time to waste on ineffective treatment. Leslie laid infertility treatment down for me clearly, relying on both Chinese and Western medicine. She guided me through changes to my diet, new supplements, acupuncture treatment, and the role of Western medicine under my circumstances. She allowed me to get in the best physical place that I could to get pregnant. Within six months, I was pregnant. Integrative medicine was not my magical answer to infertility, but it was absolutely a necessary piece of my journey.

I was recommended The Oldershaw Clinic by my midwife and I am so incredibly grateful I followed through. I have never been treated so well by such thorough, knowledgable, and compassionate providers as Leslie, Nicole, and Autumn,. I met with Nicole for my initial assessment and acupuncture treatment and I was floored by the holistic approach to fertility I experienced. Nicole talked to me about every aspect of my health, stress, nutrition, sleep, and supplements/vitamins. She spent the time to educate me and create a treatment plan that was grounded in her in-depth knowledge of the reproductive system and also meeting my individual goals. As a queer person I felt incredibly supported and respected, and my partner was welcomed for any appointment as well. I appreciate that Leslie, Nicole, and Autumn, work as a team with each person seen in the clinic, and each aspect is done with utmost care- from billing your insurance, to offering high quality supplements, to the kind support I received by email during COVID. I cannot recommend The Oldershaw Clinic enough! They are a true gem in any fertility and overall wellness journey!

I enthusiastically recommend the Oldershaw Clinic. Their team of highly skilled and experienced providers offers excellent acupuncture and holistic health services. I’ve been working with Autumn this past year. When we first began meeting, she engaged in a thorough assessment process, answered all my questions, took the time to really get to know me and understand my presenting concerns, and offered a clear and effective treatment plan. I appreciate the balance in our meetings between discussing general health issues and receiving acupuncture, which I’ve found to be so relaxing, restorative, and effective. Autumn is professional, respectful, kind, and caring, and she brings a lovely down to earth approach to her work that has allowed me to feel comfortable and trusting. I am so grateful for the wonderful care and treatment I’ve received. I highly recommend the Oldershaw Clinic to anyone seeking top notch acupuncture and holistic care.

I have been going to Leslie and her team for over 19 years. I started when we were struggling with infertility, then through pregnancy. I have recently gone back to Leslie with shoulder challenges and to address overall health. Leslie is so easy to talk to, she listens and spends time with you and helps you create an action plan to address your needs. I feel better just walking into the office! I have recommended to Leslie to so many people and couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Leslie has been phenomenal on my journey trying to conceive. I’m so glad I finally came to see her after a few months of trying different acupuncturists that were closer to my house. But I’m glad I did because she really puts me at ease. She is calm, answering any questions I have and then very gentle applying the needles. I consider her an IVF expert and love that I’m able to go deep with her on my options and lab results because she gets it. She’s also been able to prescribe me with some supplements that she identified I needed after reviewing my blood work. It’s really cool how she combines eastern & western medicine in her practice. Overall, I’ll be forever thankful for her being part of my journey.

I found Leslie’s practice through a referral from my fertility specialist and was immediately impressed by the level of care I received. I had been getting acupuncture for years, but there was a feeling of ease that I found with the Oldershaw Clinic that was very different from other providers I’d seen. From the initial appointment set up, during my first consultation, and ongoing as Leslie and her team helped me through a really stressful time, I felt like they truly cared and respected me and wanted to make my experience as easy as possible. The office is warm and inviting and I look forward to the time I spend there. They have a lot of options for scheduling that made it so much easier with fitting in treatment with my work schedule and many doctor appointments.  Leslie even worked directly with my doctor to develop a treatment plan and communicate what she was doing to monitor my progress. That was something totally new for me, and helped immensely since I was already coordinating so much between the many doctors I was seeing. Leslie and her team were empathetic and warm at every appointment, offering great ideas and feedback to help me understand the process of trying to get pregnant and how the acupuncture treatment was designed to support my needs. And now as I enter my third trimester, they have expressed true joy in seeing my happiness as I prepare to welcome my baby. I’m so thankful that I was able to have Leslie and her team as part of this journey!

Leslie and Nicole are so great, I don’t have words.  They are so supportive to me in the fertility process.  Their empathy and knowledge of all the complicated layers of the process help me maintain emotional composure and physical health through the challenges.  The supportive warm environment nurtures me as I continue the process. I can’t say enough good things about this clinic and Leslie and Nicole.

I was referred to Leslie by our RE (reproductive endocrinologist). I have been very thankful for Leslie’s thorough care, kind concern, and her attention to detail. She is very adept at interpreting and ordering the correct labs, and more than once she has caught something that my other doctors have missed. In addition, Leslie has a wonderful connection with other providers around the area and has referred me to great specialists. Leslie always shows a genuine interest and care, and has been so encouraging through this long journey. We are still waiting to conceive, and are so thankful that Leslie is a part of our fertility team.

Leslie and Nicole have offered nutritional counseling, outstanding acupuncture services, and helpful diagnostic tests that have led to the development of specific treatment plans tailored to my physical and emotional needs. I’ve learned so much about the miracle of pregnancy, the female body, and really, myself, thanks to their guiding light and wisdom. I can’t say enough good stuff about these fantastic women and practitioners!

Leslie was an invaluable member of my fertility team. WIth her kindness, thorough explanations, high skill level and willingness to explore options I knew that I was in excellent hands. She was able to provide answers to my questions and provide information with care and experience. She has helped my partner and I come to where we are now, pregnant with twins, due in two weeks. I have already recommended her to my friends who are seeking an excellent practitioner to investigate and help them with their fertility goals.