Why Join an Infertility Support Group

Why Join an Infertility Support Group

By Shabnam Jesgar

Infertility is emotionally painful.

Even if you have not been formally diagnosed with infertility but have been trying to get pregnant without success, you understand the pain. It can be described as a feeling of trying to reach for something that remains just out of your reach.

Sadness, anger, guilt, shame, and loneliness are common feelings.

Whether you have been trying to conceive or grow your family for five months or five years, you can benefit from being a part of a support group.

What is an infertility support group?

3-10 people coming together with a group facilitator to talk about what it is like to be on this journey.

What can you gain from an infertility support group?

  • Support
    Meet other people who are on a similar journey as you. In this group you don’t have to put on a “brave face”. You can share your fertility experience freely and be met with understanding.
  • Education
    Learn about other treatments and how other women experience them. You can learn about clinics, doctors, medications, podcasts, you name it. By sharing your story, someone else can learn from your experience.
  • Self-Advocacy
    From other group members, you learn when and how to advocate for yourself with your friends, family, job, or clinic. You can also offer the same type of guidance.
  • Compassion
     In a support group, you are with others who “get it”. In some ways, the best type of support is from someone who is walking in similar shoes, who’s on their own fertility journey.
  • Inclusion
    1 in 8 couples are coping with some type of infertility. As common as infertility is, we are not talking about it enough. Unfortunately, this leaves people feeling isolated in their experiences.

What is required of you in an infertility support group?

  • Be curious.
  • Listen.
  • Be open.

It is natural to feel nervous the first or second time joining a group. In this support group, you will not be put on the spot unless you want to share. Come, listen and share if you want.

About Shabnam Jesgar, LPCC

About Shabnam Jesgar, LPCC

Shabnam is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who specializes in helping women cope with stress, anxiety, and infertility. Shabnam offers:

  • individual therapy
  • monthly infertility support group
  • third party consultations for intended parents

You can find more information about her practice at www.shabnamjesgar.com

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